it gave out a pulse driven by
synthetic beats
turned our hearts into
drum machines
fueled by
cocaine and aqua net
said fuck off to the organic
and the discotheque
pounded hard
through paper-cone speakers
lifeblood for aids
and elastomer tits
so we listened
to creeds bled forth
for eyeshadowed hordes
and danced
pencil-rewound brat packs
overflowing with
attention deficit
filled with
pastel colors
and nuevo transvestism
the underbelly of a
b-sided society
driven by
jelly-shoed apocalypse
speaking right through
our neon brains
we can’t stop moving
until the drugs are gone
and the decade slides away
all that’s left
is a mixtape of memories
by nights long-spent fading
and fading
like an fm transmission

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