It’s Good to Have Reminders

I consider myself a writer even though my good authorial habits fell off the wagon several years ago, and now I’m stumbling behind the wheels trying to pick up all the fragments.  I admitted to someone today that while I am a writer at heart, I’ve not been a very good writer in practice.  They shrugged their shoulders, looked up over their coffee, and said, “That’s just an excuse,” and they were right – if I’m not writing, I’m not writing.  I said that all too often, I simply didn’t have the words to put down, my brain’s not primed, I don’t have the time, there are other things to do, on and on and on.  So they said again, “Yeah, all those are excuses.  Just write a list.  Lists help everybody get started.  Lists are great.”

“What kind of list,” I asked.

“Maybe a list of things about yourself that you usually forget.  It’s good to have reminders.”

Smart idea.  We all love talking abut us.

A List of Things About Myself That I Usually Forget

  1. I’m really good at playing drums on a desk or on my knees with my hands and fingers.  A regular Neil Peart.  My wife says I should have been a drummer;
  2. I can throw a hatchet with surprising accuracy – and stick it into wood, to boot;
  3. When I don’t have to think much about it, or if I’m looking off a document, I can type about 150 WPM.  Carpal tunnel, here I come;
  4. I really enjoy cleaning.  I mean, really enjoy it, and sometimes it’s a great way for me to unwind from a stressful day or express some kind of control over my surroundings;
  5. Animals are awesome, and I usually can’t kill off even the smallest bug without at least feeling a strong flare of remorse;
  6. I eat all the popcorn kernels;
  7. Making a fool out of myself in front of others – as long as they laugh – makes my day;


  8. I’m abysmal at math, I’m entirely unskilled in any area of science, but man, I think space is just the coolest thing.

And would you look at that – I did a little writing!  It won’t win a Pulitzer, but it’s a start.  The beauty of it?  Even if you aren’t a writer, you can still compile a list of some of your favorite personal attributes just to get your brain working.  So remind yourself: what makes you you?


One thought on “It’s Good to Have Reminders

  1. mbliss111 says:

    Your typing abilities are just insane. It reminds me of a MG42 when I have heard you type in the past. Keep the bullets flying!!!

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