Starting from Scratch

I’ve got a pretty big problem.

Blogs, they’re hard to keep up with, aren’t they?  I usually don’t even like that word. Blog. Blog.  I usually just say to someone, “Hey, check out my website,” because to hell with saying page, too.  Of course, when I was younger, I had plenty of throwaway Angelfire and Geocities and Tripod pages, and they were rampant with the usual eyesores of childhood website creation: spinning gifs (remember that little “UNDER CONSTRUCTION” sign?), blinking text (I’m sorry), hit counters (they never made it past double digits), and guestbooks (thank God those died).  So because I’m no longer a 14-year-old Netscape user, this is a website.

So, back to my problem: writers need websites.  They need to establish an online presence to promote their work and act as a central location for everything they do.  So that’s what I’m doing – for about the fourth time.  Maybe this time, it’ll stick!  I’ve had a pretty unfortunate track record in the past of getting started, then totally bailing.

I promise not to bore you as you read this with too much shop-talk (better writers with greater experience already have more efficient advice available!), but you can expect that I’ll periodically update with topics that interest me, excite me, inspire me, or infuriate me.  It won’t always be about writing.  It likely won’t always be good or even remotely intriguing.  But it will certainly be a website, and that’s a hell of a start for me!



9 thoughts on “Starting from Scratch

  1. alienredqueen says:

    I know mine started out one way and grew into this monster with a train wreck of social commentary that was never intended. But it’s your website, so whatever you put on it in earnest will as a whole reflect the wonder that is Rance. 😉

  2. missingmarines says:

    The great thing about a blog: when you start it, you’re never sure what it’ll be. Might be a little pipsqueak you hide under the stairs; or it might be the greatest wizard of all time. (Or is that the general plot of Harry Potter?)

    Looking forward to seeing what your brain makes your fingers type for the rest of us to read!

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